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Are you ready to give your relationship with food a make-over? 

Are you tired of dieting and worrying about eating only “good” foods and feeling guilty about eating “bad” foods?

Are you ready to create a lifestyle of balanced and healthy living? 

Do you want to spice things up and learn how to prepare tasty recipes for you and your family? 

During your sessions we will work together to create a plan to “baby step” your way to sustainable lifestyle changes. You are a unique individual, therefore your needs will be unique. What types of support do you need to make your healthy-living dream a reality? Wellness Packages including office/Skype sessions, cooking classes, home visits and/or grocery store tours can be customized to meet your needs.

Whether your health goals include:

-Weight management 

-Improving body image 

-Managing diabetes 

-Supporting heart health

-Improving digestive health

-Understanding and improving food allergies or sensitivities

-Simply enhancing wellness by improving the quality of your diet 

You can and should still be eating delicious and wholesome meals that are enjoyable and nourishing on all levels. 


There isn’t one “diet” that works for everyone therefore we will use a combination of the wisdom of traditional diets (such as the Mediterranean Diet), modern nutrition science and Intuitive Eating (re-learning how to listen to your natural cues about when to eat, what to eat and how much) to create an eating plan that works best for your unique body. 

To learn more about traditional diets please visit 

To learn more about Intuitive Eating please visit


Appointments available at the office, by phone or Skype and in the comfort of your own home.


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